Active Ergonomics

For over 15 years Active Ergonomics, a registered consultancy with The Chartered Institute Of Ergonomics & Human Factors, has been helping Orangebox customers to support a better life at work through a blend of ergonomics advice and specialist product specification.
Active Ergonomics is a specialist consultancy within Orangebox offering services and products to ensure improved health and productivity at work.
The application of ergonomics ensures a good fit between people and the tasks they do, the equipment they use and the environment in which they work. Our trained ergonomists and designers are available to offer specific assessment and training to support those staff and departments interested in improving the workplace and work practices affecting posture, activity, comfort and stress.
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Introduction to the
Remote Seating
Assessment Service

The service has been designed for larger organisations who may have numerous sites coupled with a higher demand for alternative seating. Our seating assessment form can be implemented using a manual approach or through a password protected online customer specific ‘dashboard’ and is intended to ensure customers receive accurate, efficient and commercially sympathetic advice.
Our uncomplicated approach has helped over 10,000 users with alternative chairs over the last 10 years and the management systems ensure those in charge of occupational health and safety issues have access to up to date progress and outcomes for end users nationally.

Download an overview of the remote seating assessment process here.

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